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deegroovy_icons's Journal

Dee Grooovy icons ;)
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Just a home for my icons :)
Just a home for my icons - I started making them a few weeks ago, and I have to say I'm hooked!

Feel free to friend the community for updates.

NOTE: some icon sets are NOT safe for work. To see these, you have to join the community (if you just want to watch for non-smutty icons, you can just friend the comm). Just be sure to have your birthyear displayed in your profile, so I know you're at least 18. (then you can hide it if you want :)

Enjoy! Just give credit by putting my username (deegroovy_icons) in the 'Comment' box of the icon info.


no_punchline (more neato-icons)

ghost_factory (lovely icons and layouts :)

mentahelada Wonderful layouts here!

Simply beautiful icons, banners, color bars and a few mood themes here! Here are but a few samples:

Let me know if you'd like to affiliate, I'll add you :)

Stylesheet by thewhitebeyond